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Manufactured from the oxide of the transition metals CMn. ,Cu., and Ni . NTC Thermistor are temperature dependant semiconductor resistor . After the processing of sedimentation and Isotactic moulding ,the raw material is baked with high temperature upto 1400≧ ,then the thermistor is formed combined with our advanced semiconductor processing technics

The basic physical Characteristics are The resistance value, B value, Thermal dissipation coefficient, Time constant.

Resistance RkΩ

The resistance value can be calculated approximately with the following formula

Note R1,R2 is the resistance at temperature T1,T2
      BB ValneK

B Valne B K

B value shows the change of resistance between two temperatures and can be calculated with the following formula:

Note R1,R2 is the resistance at temperature T1,T2

Thermal dissipation coefficient δmW/≧

Thermal dissipation coefficient is the ratio of power consumed to change of surrounding temperature

Note W Power consumed by the thermistormW
            T   Temperature
            To Surrounding temperature
            I   The power goes through the thermistor under temperature T
            R   The resistance under temperature T

Time constant τ(sec.)

The time required for a thermistor to change its body temperature by 63.2% of a specific temperature span when the measurements are made under zero-power conditions in thermally stable environments.