This logo is a triangle geometricaly,while,it is abstracted to give more enterprise theory.Triangle is a steady one,it symbolized the firm foundation and upward development of our Sensing company. The two curves that go upwards around the triangle is a figure language, which means the vigorous and progressive trend of Sensing Co. development.
What's more,it's unclosed structure contains a meaning of unconstrainted.

     In style, it embodies the endless pursuit of Sensing company with its simple, explicited and moving sensation .
      In figure ,it looks like a Pyramid ,which indicate the firm enterprise idea. More over, the lowest part of the triangle looks just like a boat, which indicates that the company will developt smoothly like a sailing boat.

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  Application System      → working system / propagandistic system / working dress system / office sign system

Hefei Sensing Electronic CO.,Ltd Thermistor、Temperature sensor、Sensitive component


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