Thermoelectric Cooling Modules


Principles: The thermoelectric cooling system (also called Peltier Effect) is a solid-state method of heating transfer through dissimilar semiconductor materials.The complete system includes a semi-conductor module (P & N shape semi-conductors clamped with two ceramic chips),an internal and an external heat exchanger.To obtain higher energy efficiency,low-speed-and-noise fans are fitted with heat exchangers.During operation,direct current goes through the semiconductor module which causes heat to be transferred from inside (the endothermic joint) to outside (the exothermic joint).

Product Features:
1.Temperature controlling accurately,precision can be within ±0.1°C;
2.Long life,stable and reliable capability,the working time is usually more than 100000 hours;
3.No noise,no vibration;
4.Struction easily,installment convenient;
5.No second pollution,environment friendly and energy saving.

Our company is one of the most dynamic Hi-Tech company specializes in the development and manufacture of thermoelectric cooling module,thermoelectric power generating module,thermoelectric system and mini bar.We have professional production lines of module,system and assembly,and annual output of 2 million modules.We can supply thermoelectric power generating modules which can be operated under high temperature such as 200°C,250°C and 300°C and so on.We have formed unique thermoelectric industrial chain from the TEC,thermoelectric system to the finished product and possessed abundant technical reserve and application experience.We have passed EU's material inspection and gained the certificates of RoHS and ISO9001.Our products are sold very well in domestic and foreight market,they are exported to countries and regions in European countries,America,Japan,Korea and Australia etc.



Thermoelectric Cooling Modules
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